Hong Zou


Associate Professor TEL: 86-010—62764424 (Office) 13436302079 (Mobil phone) ADDRESS: Peking University,Building Physics Room 406 (North) E-MAIL: hongzou@pku.edu.cn

Research Interesting

Space Physics ➢ Space Detection Technology ➢ Magnetosphere-Radiation belt ➢ Planetary Science-Mars ionosphere and atmosphere


1994.9-1998.7 Department of Electronics & Communications, Beijing Information Technology Institute (BITI), Beijing       Major: Communication Engineering        Degree: B.S. (July, 1998)

1998.9-2003.7 Department of Geophysics, Peking University     Major: Space Physics  Degree: Ph.D (July, 2003)

Academic Career

2003.08-2004.12 Postdoctoral Fellow MAX-PLANCK Institute for Aeronomie, Germany;

2005.04-2007.04 Postdoctoral Fellow School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University;

2005.10-2005.11 Visiting Scholar MAX-PLANCK Institute for Aeronomie, Germany

2006.09-2006.11 Visiting Scholar(DAAD Scholarship) MAX-PLANCK Institute for Solar System Research, Germany;

2007.04-2009.07 Assistant Professor School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University;

2009.08-present Associate Professor School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University;

2010.9-2011.6 Visiting Scholar Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley.

Research Grants

2014.01-2017.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 41374167) "Study on storm-time and long-term variations of the radiation belt"

2008.01-2010.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 40704026) "Research of the Martian ionosphere by the new radar and long term radio occultation observations"


2003年获得北京市科技奖二等奖(参加者) 2013年获得北京大学实验技术成果奖三等奖


2015,Patent of invention, A method for measuring the leakage current of 'PIN' solid state semiconductor detectors, Zou H., J. Q. Zou, H. F. Chen, W. H. Shi, X. Q. Yu, W. Y. Zhong



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