Short-term variations of the inner radiation belt


To investigate the short-term variations, the features of SAA for the high-energy protons detected by NOAA Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites during 1998–2008 have been investigated with a 5 day running average method. It is found that the two SAA parameters for three proton channels reflect the maximal proton flux in SAA and the extension of SAA decreases several percent during geomagnetic storms.

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Ionospheric and geomagnetic disturbances caused by an inland earthquake


Despite primary energy disturbances from the Sun, oscillations of the Earth surface due to a large earthquake will couple with the atmosphere and therefore the ionosphere, then the so-called coseismic ionospheric disturbances (CIDs) or seismotraveling ionospheric disturbances (STIDs) can be detected in the ionosphere.

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Different Occurrence Rates and Heating Effects of Different Types of Discontinuities Reproduced in 3D MHD Turbulence Simulation


MHD discontinuities, also named as intermittent structures in turbulence, are commonly observed in the solar wind. They may also play a key role in the turbulence dissipation and heating of the solar wind. The tangential discontinuities (TDs) and rotational discontinuities (RDs) are the two most important types of discontinuities. This work address the occurrence rates and heating effects of the discontintuities by means of 3D MHD simulation of thermal anisotropic turbulence

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