Jiansen HE



Jiansen HE        

Tenured Associate Professor

Institute of Space Physics and Applied Technology

School of Earth and Space Sciences

Peking University

Office: Room North 429, Physics Building, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China

Tel: 86-10-62757389

E-mail: jshept@pku.edu.cn


Research Interests:

My research area is heliosphysics. I am interested in studying (1) space plasma turbulence; (2) magnetic reconnection in the solar-terrestrial space; (3) heating and acceleration of the solar wind.  Observational analysis and theoretical modeling are employed to unveil the new phenomena and explain the underlying physical processes, respectively.



1999.09-2003.07             B.S. Space Physics   Peking University

2003.09-2008.07             Ph.D. Space Physics Peking University


Professional Experiences:

2008.07-2009.03             Postdoctor      Peking University

2009.04-2010.09             Postdoctor      Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research

2010.10-present              Tenured Associate Professor,   Peking University



Physics of the Sun and heliosphere,      postgraduate,       Spring semester

Frontiers in Space Physics,            postgraduate,   Spring & Fall semesters


Research Grants:

2012.01-2015.12      “Observational study of the nascent solar wind near the active region”, NSFC, PI

2013.01-2015.12 “Anisotropy of solar wind turbulence”, NSFC, PI



2010       Award of National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation

2012       National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars


Professional & Public Services:

Class adviser of the undergraduate class 2011 majored in space physics, SESS (2011-)

Supervisor of the undergraduate scientific research program, Peking University (2011-)

Deputy director of Institute of Space Physics and Applied Technology (2014-)

Convener and chair of AOGS sessions (2014, 2015)

Session convener of the Third Space Weather Symposium for Global Chinese (2013)

Co-leader of team-304 supported by the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) (2014-2015)

Referees for articles submitted to international and domestic journals (Astrophys. J., Astrophys. J. Lett., J. Geophys. Res., Science China, Adv. in Astronomy, Chin. J. Space Sci., and so on)



Published Papers  (selected):

He, J.-S., Pei, Z.-T., Wang, L.-H., Tu, C.-Y., Marsch, E., Zhang, L., Salem, C., Sunward propagating Alfven waves in association with sunward drifting proton beams in the solar wind, ApJ, in press, 2015.

He, J.-S., Wang, L.-H., Tu, C.-Y., Marsch, E., Zong, Q.-G., Evidence of Landau and Cyclotron Resonances Between Protons and Kinetic Waves in Solar Wind Turbulence, ApJL, 800, L31, 2015.

He, J.-S.; Tu, Chuanyi; Marsch, Eckart; Bourouaine, Sofiane; Pei, Zhongtian; Radial Evolution of the Wavevector Anisotropy of Solar Wind Turbulence between 0.3 and 1 AU. ApJ, 773, 72, 2013.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., Marsch, E., Yao, S.; Reproduction of the Observed Two-component Magnetic Helicity in Solar Wind Turbulence by a Superposition of Parallel and Oblique Alfvén Waves, ApJ, 749, 86, 2012

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., Marsch, E., Yao, S.; Do Oblique Alfvén/Ion-cyclotron or Fast-mode/Whistler Waves Dominate the Dissipation of Solar Wind Turbulence near the Proton Inertial Length? ApJ, 745L, 8, 2012

He J-S, Marsch E, Tu C-Y, Zong Q-G, Yao S, Tian H. Two-dimensional correlation functions for density and magnetic field fluctuations in magnetosheath turbulence measured by the Cluster spacecraft. J. Geophys. Res., 2011, 116, A06207, doi:10.1029/2010JA015974.

He J-S, Marsch E, Tu C-Y, Yao S, Tian H. Possible Evidence of Alfvén-cyclotron Waves in the Angle Distribution of Magnetic Helicity of Solar Wind Turbulence. ApJ, 2011, 731, 85H, doi:10.1088/0004-637X/731/2/85.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., Tian, H., and Marsch, E., Solar wind origins in coronal holes and in the quiet Sun, Adv. Space Res., 45, 303-309, 2010.

He, J.-S., Marsch, E., Tu, C.-Y., Tian, H., Guo, L.-J., Reconfiguration of the coronal magnetic field by means of reconnection driven by photospheric magnetic flux convergence, A&A, 510, id. A40, 2010.

He, J.-S., Marsch, E., Tu, C.-Y., Guo, L.-J., Tian, H., Intermittent outflows at the edge of an active region-a possible source of the solar wind? A&A, 516, id. A14, 2010.

He, J.-S., Marsch, E., Curdt, W., Tu, C.-Y., Xia, L.-D., Tian, H., Kamio, S., Magnetic and spectroscopic properties of supergranular-scale coronal jets and erupting loops in a polar coronal hole, A&A, 519, id. A49, 2010.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., Marsch, E., Guo, L.-J., Yao, S., and Tian, H., Upward ropagating high-frequency Alfvén waves as identified from dynamic wave-like spicules observed by SOT on Hinode, A&A, 497, 525-535, 2009.

He, J.-S., Marsch, E., Tu, C.-Y., Tian, H., Excitation of Kink Waves Due to Small-Scale Magnetic Reconnection in the Chromosphere? ApJL, 705, 217-222, 2009.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., Tian, H, Xiao, C.-J., X.-G. Wang, Z.-Y. Pu, Z.-W. Ma, H. Zhao, G.-P. Zhou, J.-X. Wang, S.-Y. Fu, Z.-X. Liu, Q.-G. Zong, M. W. Dunlop, K-H. Glassmeier, H. Reme, I. Dandouras, and C. P. Escoubet, A magnetic null geometry reconstructed from Cluster spacecraft observations, J. Geophys. Res., 113, id.A05205, 2008.

He, J.-S., Zong, Q.-G., Deng, X.-H., Tu, C.-Y., C.-J. Xiao, X.-G. Wang, Z.-W. Ma, Z.-Y. Pu, E. Lucek, A. Pedersen, A. Fazakerley, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin, M. W. Dunlop, H. Tian, S. Yao, B. Tan, S.-Y. Fu, K-H. Glassmeier, H. Reme, I. Dandouras, and C. P. Escoubet, Electron trapping around a magnetic null, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L14104, 2008.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., and Marsch, E., Modeling of solar wind origin in coronal funnel with mass and energy supplied at 5 Mm, Sol. Phys., 250, 147, 2008.

He, J.-S., Tu, C.-Y., and Marsch, E., Can the solar wind originate from a quiet Sun region? Astron. Astrophys., 468, 307-312, 2007.

Zhang, L., He, J.-S.*, Tu, C.-Y., Yang, L.-P., Wang, X., Marsch, E., Wang, L.-H., Occurrence rates and heating effects of tangential and rotational discontinuities as obtained from 3D simulation of MHD turbulence, ApJL, 804, L43, 2015.

Zhang, L., Yang, L.-P., He, J.-S.*, Tu, C.-Y., Wang, L.-H., Marsch, E., and Feng, X.-S., Identification of slow magnetosonic wave trains and their evolution in 3-D compressible turbulence simulation, Ann. Geophys., 33, 13-23, 2015.

Yang, L.-P., Zhang, L., He, J.-S.*, Peter, H., Tu, C.-Y., Wang, L.-H., Zhang, S.-H., Feng, X.-S., ApJ, 800, 111, 2015.

Zhang, J.-B., He, J.-S.*, Yan, L.-M., Tu, C.-Y., Wang, L.-H., Wan, X., Plasma draining and replenishing near a solar active region inferred from cross-correlation between radiation intensity and Doppler shift, Science China (Earth Sciences), 58, 830-838, 2015.

Liu, Zi-Xu; He, J.-S.*; Yan, Li-Mei; Observations of counter-propagating Alfvénic and compressive fluctuations in the chromosphere; RA&A, 14, 299, 2014.

Yang, Liping; He, J.-S.*; Peter, Hardi; Tu, Chuanyi; et al.; Injection of Plasma into the Nascent Solar Wind via Reconnection Driven by Supergranular Advection, ApJ, 770, 6, 2013.

Yang, Liping; He, J.-S.*; Peter, Hardi; Tu, Chuanyi; Zhang, Lei; Feng, Xueshang; Zhang, Shaohua; Numerical Simulations of Chromospheric Anemone Jets Associated with Moving Magnetic Features; ApJ, 777, 16, 2013.




Oral Presentations (selected)(*invited):

*He, JS, et al., Solar wind heating in MHD turbulence with counter-propagating waves, AGU Fall Meeting, 2014 Dec, San Fransisco

He, JS, et al., Evidence of Landau and cyclotron resonance in solar wind kinetic turbulence, AGU Fall Meeting, 2014 Dec, San Fransisco

He, JS, et al., Non-gyrotropic distribution of solar wind protons—an evidence of perpendicular heating by high-frequency oblique waves, AOGS, 2014.7, Sapporo

*He, JS, et al., Solar wind turbulence and its related proton kinetics, OCPA, 2014.6, Singapore

*He, J.-S. et al., Perpendicular and parallel heating of solar wind, the 9th Chinese Space Weather Symposium, 2014.9, Wuxi.

*He, J.-S. et al., Solar wind heating, the 1st Annual Meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union, Oct. 2014, Beijing.

He, J.-S., Radial Evolution of Solar Wind Anisotropy between 0.3 and 1.0 AU, Solar Wind Turbulence Meeting, Jun. 2013, ME, US

He, J.-S., Slow-mode Waves and Intermittent Outflows Unified in a Kinetic Scenario, Nov 2013, Takayama, Japan

*He, J.-S., Wave-vector anisotropy of solar wind turbulence and its application to solar wind heating, IAGA-2013, Aug. 2013, Mexico

*He, J.-S., Radial evolution of solar wind turbulence anisotropy, the 15th Annual Neeting of Chinese Space Physics, Jun 2013, Wudangshan.

*He, J.-S., A kinetic model to unify the waves and flows in the solar corona, the 3rd Space Weather Symposium for Global Chinese, Nov. 2013, Guilin.

He, J.-S., Non-gyrotropic distribution of solar wind protons—a possible evidence of perpendicular heating by lower-hybrid waves, the 3rd Space Weather Symposium for Global Chinese, Nov. 2013, Guilin.

*He, J.-S., Radial evolution of wave-vector anisotropy for solar wind turbulence, AOGS, 2012, Singapore

He, J.-S., Two types of magnetic helicity in solar wind turbulence, STEREO-360, Germany, Kiel, Jul., 2011.

*He, J.-S., Magnetic and spectral properties of coronal jet and loop eruption in coronal hole, ILWS, Beijing, Aug., 2011.

He, J.-S., Two-component magnetic helicity for two-component fluctuations in solar wind turbulence, EGU, Austria (Wiena), Apr. 2011.

He, J.-S., Reconstruction of reconnecting magnetic field in solar corona and geomagnetosphere, COSPAR-2010, Bremen, Germany, Jul, 2010.

He, J.-S., Excitation, upward propagation, and reflection of Alfven waves in solar lower atmosphere, COSPAR-2010, Bremen, Germany, Jul, 2010.

He, J.-S., Upward propagation of Alfven waves launched by small-scale reconnection, 12th International Solar Wind Conference, St. Malo, France, Jun, 2009.

He, J.-S., Comparison of solar wind origin in the coronal hole and the quiet-Sun region, AOGS-2008, Busan, South Korea, Jun. 2008.

*He, J.-S., Magnetic field geometry reconstructed around the reconnection site and the associated electron dynamics, AOGS-2008, Busan, South Korea, Jun, 2008.

*He, J.-S., Null-pair geometry and electron trapping observed by Cluster, 5th Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection, Bad Honef, Germany, Jul, 2008.