[2016-10-12, Robert Rankin] Pc1-5波动及其波粒相互作用的建模研究

Time……….Wednesday, Oct 12 2016, 3:00 pm Where……. Room 415, North Physics Building Speaker….. Robert Rankin, Professor of University of Alberta Title……….. Quantitative modeling of satellite and ground observations of Pc1-5 waves and associated wave-particle interactions



In this seminar results obtained from a recently developed global model of ultra-low-frequency waves in Earth's magnetosphere are presented. The model describes wave propagation and coupling between waves and the ionosphere and neutral atmosphere. It also accounts for Hall conductivity of the ionosphere, a feature that is necessary to predict ground signatures of waves. The interest in ULF waves is that they have electric fields on the order of several millivolts per meter, which is sufficiently large to energize charged particles through drift-resonance and drift-bounce-resonance. Some illustrative examples of EMIC wave propagation and ionospheric instabilities predicted by the model will be shown, along with results of test-particle simulations of drift-bounce resonance involving poloidal-mode ULF waves. The test-particle results show energy and pitch angle dispersion signatures that are similar to those observed by spacecraft such as the Van Allen Probes and Cluster. A simplified analytic model of ULF waves in a dipole field is also presented that is useful for validating results obtained using more complex models. 


图. Pc波动在磁层中激发传播的模拟示例



Robert Rankin, PhD


Department of Physics,

           University of Alberta,

           Edmonton, Alberta,

           Canada T6G 2E1



                     - LASER PLASMA INTERACTIONS

                     - COMPUTER SIMULATION

                     - MAGNETOSPHERIC PHYSICS

                     - ULF PLASMA WAVES


                     - CLOUD COMPUTING

               - DATA MANAGEMENT


BSC(1979) University of Strathclyde, Scotland;

PhD(1983) University of Wales;

Research Associate(1984), University of Alberta, Department of Electrical Engineering;

Senior Scientist(1990), Canadian Network of Space Research;

Program Scientist(1993), Department of Physics, University of Alberta;

Associate Professor(1999), Department of Physics, University of Alberta;

Professor(2005), Department of Physics, University of Alberta.