2011年4月20日下午2:00由 UC Berkeley的Ying Liu 博士介绍STEREO观测CME的最新进展。


The twin STEREO spacecraft, launched on October 26, 2006, provide a unique
and revolutionary view of the Sun朎arth system at vantage points away from
the Sun-Earth line. The primary objective of STEREO is to understand the
origin and consequences of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the most
spectacular eruptions on the Sun and the drivers of major space weather
effects. This talk will describe the recent progress in understanding CMEs
using coordinated remote-sensing and in situ observations from STEREO,
specifically, (1) the nature and origin of coronal waves and shocks; (2)
Sun-to-1 AU propagation of CMEs; (3) CME reconstruction and global
structure; and (4) the longitudinal distribution of gradual solar
energetic particle (SEP) events.